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Get More Space The Easy Way

18 August 2016

home improvement

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more space? More room to just wander around your home, and be able to move without tripping over something. If this sounds like a distant dream to you, then you definitely need to use some of our top tips for creating more space in your home. You might be glancing around your home as you’re reading this, thinking ‘yeah right!’, looking at all the stuff surrounding you and feeling convinced there’s nothing that can help. But unless you are a compulsive hoarder (in which case you might want to seek professional help), we guarantee that there are things you can do to maximise your space; and they aren’t even hard. With a little creative thinking, you can soon have enough space to swing as many cats as you want (not recommended though). These easy homehacks will help you get that extra space you’ve been craving.

dump the junk

• Dump the junk – first off, before you try and find inventive new ways to make more space, go through each room and dump anything you don’t need. There’s no point making more space to fill it up with things you don’t want. Be brutal, and be honest with yourself. Once you’ve don’t that, you can honestly assess where and why you need more space at home (although in all likelihood, if you simply got rid of – by recycling of course – everything you didn’t need, you probably wouldn’t need any more space anyway, but we’ll let you be the judge).


• Repurpose everything – if there are things you don’t actively need anymore, but simply can’t throw away then repurposing them is a great way to start creating a bit more space. It works because once something has a use, then it can have a place, rather than just being hidden away all the time.

• Mirrors are your friend – not a way to create more physical space, but if you feel like you’re being suffocated in your home, mirrors are the best way to get some light in, and create some mental space. They make the room feel much bigger, and lighter, helping to create the illusion of more space, which is sometimes all you need.

spacious home

• A place for everything – and everything in its place, as the saying goes. The most common complaint in a small space is that everything is everywhere, so make sure everything has a place, and goes there when it’s not being used. This way you avoid piles of stuff being stacked up around your home.

• Don’t worry about being conventional - get creative and make sure your set up works for you. Who cares if you store your iron in the bathroom cabinet, if it fits, it sits, and if it mean it has a place, you know where to find it, and it frees up space elsewhere, then it sounds like a perfect solution to us.

storage ideas

• Store upwards – sounds odd, but storing things vertically means you maximise your space in the most efficient way. Rather than covering your home with tons of short and wide, storage units, invest in just a few tall and skinny ones. These can be more easily tucked in a corner away from view, and often hold more than their shorter compatriots. Perfect if you need more storage, but don’t have much wall space.

tidy house

• Go multi-purpose – save yourself space and money by buying multipurpose furniture and accessories. If you need a new futon, buy one that also has storage space; need a new TV cabinet? Get one that also acts as a DVD/book shelf. Easy.

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