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Making Your House a Happy Home

06Oct 2015

We all dream of the perfect home; there may be certain aesthetical features you desire, a certain feel to it, or even specific objects that you think would make it perfect. Unfortunately, no matter how much we dream, few of us can ever really have the ultimate dream home. But that certainly doesn’t mean your home can’t be a dream to live in.

Whether you live in a tiny one-bedroom flat, or a huge mansion, there are always things you can do to create a home more in line with what you actually want, and make it the ideal place for living. All it takes is a bit of planning, imagination and creativity (don’t worry if you’re not the most creative person ever, that’s what YouTube is for).
How you can turn your house into a happy home:

• Decide what you want your home to be – for some people a house is simply a building to store their stuff in, they might be out and about a lot, and rarely see the inside of their home, so for them as long as they have enough space for their bits and bobs, they are happy. But other people have very specific ideas about what they want their home to be; a place of relaxation, a hub for social events, a reminder of all of their lifetime adventures. Decide what you want your home to represent and work from there.

• Start with the room you use most – if you’re always in the kitchen cooking and entertaining, then make this your first project, if you’re more of a lounge-centric person, choose this to deal with. Whatever room you choose, find ways to introduce elements of your ‘dream home’ into that room. Always dreamed of having a kitchen filled with cookery books and exiting gadgets? Find space to put your books, and find a way to display your gadgets. Want your lounge to be chilled, bohemian and funky? Buys some mood lighting, add some throws and chuck on some cushions.

• Eliminate what doesn’t make you happy – a happy home isn’t just about introducing new things, it’s also about getting rid of stuff that doesn’t work. If you’ve got a really function TV cabinet that you hate for example, find something you’d rather have and replace the old one. No point surrounding yourself with things that you don’t even like.

• Assess your lifestyle – With this one you have to be honest with yourself. If you’d love a Victorian style agar in the kitchen, but can barely microwave beans, then it’s probably not worth the investment. Similarly if you dream of having a beautiful writing desk or home office, but never actually write or work from home, it’s probably not worth the hassle. It’s important to balance between your dream home, and the ideal home for you.

• Make more space – this one is a must for virtually everyone, no matter how big your home, we can almost guarantee that there are plenty of ways you could make more space, and create room for your ideal living set up. Be totally brutal and honest with yourself when doing this, work with one small space to start with and then work through the whole house. After a while you’ll get into the flow and start getting rid of things you thought you’d never part with. Once you realise you’re creating more space for your happy home, it’s much easier to ditch the junk (promise).

• Enjoy what you do have – even if your home isn’t exactly how you’d like it, be thankful for it anyway, enjoy the roof over your head and all the space you do have.

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