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Competitive prpices

Competitive prices for London's top Handyman Services

  • Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm Price
  • First half hour£34
  • Subsequent Half Hours£24
  • Half Day (4 Hours)£202 Best price
  • Full Day (8 Hours)£346 Great price
  • * Minimum requirement applies
    (first Hour is £58.00, every additional hour £48.00)
  • Saturday and Sunday Price
  • First half hour£39
  • Subsequent Half Hours£32
  • ( First Hour is £71.00, every additional hour £61.00)
  • Half Day(4 Hours)£254.00 Best price
  • Full Day (8 Hours)£437 Great price
  • * Minimum requirement applies
  • Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm Price
  • First hour£84
  • Subsequent Half Hours£39
  • (First hour is £84.00, every additional hour after £64.00)
  • Half Day (4 Hours)£276
  • Full Day (8 Hours)£532
  • * Minimum requirement applies
  • Monday - Saturday after 5 pmPrice
  • First hour£105
  • Subsequent Half Hours£59
Certified electrician

Certified Electrician

  • Monday - Saturday 8 am - 5 pm Price
  • First hour£72
  • Subsequent Half Hours£31
  • ( First Hour £72.00, every additional hour after £62.00)
  • Half Day (4 Hours)£258
  • Full Day (8 Hours)£516
  • Monday - Saturday after 5 pm Price
  • First hour£100
  • Subsequent Half Hours£59
  • ( First hour is £100.00, every additional hour after £90.00)
  • Half Day (4 Hours)£370
  • Full Day (8 Hours)£740
  • * Minimum requirement applies

The benefits to hiring us

We are unlike most companies for a number of reasons and that is why you should hire us today. You’re going to struggle finding better than us, you really are. Why don’t you get in touch with us now if you would like high quality handyman services? If you need refurbishment services, you can count on us to make sure everything is done efficiently and with care. Whether you need a home makeover, office renovation or whatever else, we are sure we can fulfill your every need and more. You will save time, energy and hard work by hiring us, so go ahead and book now to enjoy the many benefits you will receive from hiring us.

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Excellent services for excellent prices

Here are just a few reasons why you should at least consider hiring us the next time you need a home or office renovation that you may not have time to do yourself:

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    We’re open every day of the week

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    Our phone line is always available 24/7

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    Our prices are inexpensive and the most competitive around

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    You receive a free quote when you call us up

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    There are no hidden fees!

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