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If you’re keen on home design, maybe you have long been eager for a wall in your living space to break up a long and unshapely room. Is that right? You have probably always thought adding a wall would cost a great deal of money and you do not have that money to that right? The thing is, it really doesn’t matter what situation you are in, the thought of adding an additional wall into your living space seems like an enormous job.

It’s no wonder so few people consider doing it. We have good news! We offer partition walls construction which will be carried out by our helpful handymen who are highly skilled and trained and experienced. Plus, even better, our prices are amazing!

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If you are interested in booking now for partition walls in your home, call 020 8434 7477 now, get a free quote, and we’ll show you that having partition walls doesn’t have to cost you a limb.

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Sometimes, an additional wall added to a long room can really break it up and make the room look better shaped and generally more interesting. A long rectangular room can look so much better with a wall than without. It adds character. Plus, it’s another wall on which to add pictures. There’s so much you can do and you can get really creative if you like.

If you need professionals for constructing partition walls, we are here! We are always available, with our team of experts, to help you with building partition walls and you’ll be thrilled to know, our prices are superb!


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Need stud walls?

The next time the thought of adding stud walls to your room in your home enters your head, also think about us. We can install them for you in less than a day’s work and you will be more than impressed with how it looks. Because our experts with years of experience will be carrying out the job, you won’t believe your eyes when you see just how effective an extra wall can look in the interior of your home.

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The great thing about us is we are very flexible and are available to hire all the time. So if you seek partition wall construction, rely on us today and be impressed with the results. It won’t cost you a fortune. Trust us, it will be the best money you have spent. And when you see the end result, you are guaranteed to be over the moon with it.

So if you would like professional and at the same time cost effective partition wall construction, there’s only one company to turn to: us!



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Handyman Handy never ever fails to impress clients. Our excellent work over the years has made us one of the best companies around, which is why our clientele is forever growing. If you are in need of cost effective building partition walls services, you can rely on us.

We don’t rip off our clients. We treat you with respect, integrity and honesty, like you deserve. Call us now on 020 8434 7477 if you would like to hire us for constructing partition walls and we’ll be right there.

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