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Not Too Talented at Painting and Decorating? We’ll Do It for You

Could your home really do with a fresh lick of paint of the walls? A bit of decorating here and there? Most people love a beautiful home they can come back to in the evenings when they have finished work. After a hard day, there is nothing better than enjoying the comfort of your home. But are you just sick and tired of your abandoned looking home that is stuck in the 80’s? If your home could do with some painting and decorating work, choose Handyman Handy for a high quality service carried out by professional handymen. These guys do this work every day, so they are pretty experienced in home decorating. If you would love to use a professional painting and decorating service but are worried about the price, there is no need to worry. Call 020 8434 7477 now and you will see why clients flock to us. Our prices are brilliant and more than affordable to all! Whenever you need decorating or painting, make us your first and final choice.

A lick of paint can turn your home around

You would not believe how far and how effective a lick of paint can be to your entire home. It can really lift a room if you have it freshly painted. Sometimes your walls get pretty grubby over time. From time to time, they need the odd lick of paint. Let us paint your walls for you and we’ll save you stacks of time and hard work. Our painters are terrific. Instead of you putting on your overalls and getting dirty, let our professionals painters do it for you instead. They are:

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    Our services are of high standards

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    Our prices are the best in the area!

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    Our team is skilled and experienced and friendly too!

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    Our office is open every single day


Indoors or outdoors? We do both


Whether you need interior or exterior painting, we can do either for you. Inside your home, a touch of paint on the walls can go far and really brighten up a room. Alternatively, if you would like your outdoors painting, we can do that too. Maybe you would like your property on the outside painted a different color or refreshed. Harsh weather and rain can make the paint on your exterior property look dirty and grubby.

So if you would like inexpensive interior or exterior painting, opt for us and you won’t have to do the tedious and long winded task yourself.


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We’ll make your property look spectacular

Our team of painters and decorators can make your property look new and refreshed again. Your rooms can look quite dull when the paint on your walls is old and stained up. Fortunately for you, our staff can do any painting work or decorating work that you may need doing. Even if you need it done urgently because you have a special occasion coming up, hire us and we will take care of it all for you in next to no time.

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For all the help you need, we are here


We are only ever a single phone call away whenever you need help. If you don’t like painting or decorating, we can help you. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want. Most likely you have lots on your agenda as it is, so it is best to hire professionals if you want the job done properly and efficiently.

We can provide you with great results. Just call us now and we’ll come straight over when you need us.



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