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Should You Do These 5 Outdoor Home Improvement Projects Yourself?

04Sep 2015

Pool parties, vacations, get away weekends and casual dinners in the backyard are the hottest topics in the summer. This may not be the case for many ambitious homeowners who just can’t wait to tackle their outdoor home improvement projects. But before you take out the tool kit, you need to ask yourself one question: When is better to save some cash and complete the task yourself – and it is smarter to turn to professional handymen.

1. Pool Cleaning
This is a pretty easy project with huge impact. To ensure that the appliance is properly cleaned and safe for 1_270x176swimming you need only mesh skimmers and brushes to remove the algae and leaves. When it comes to treating the water with chemicals, you can use some help. To check your pool’s condition, just take a sample from the liquid and bring it to the supply store. You should also give information about the size of the pool. Then the clerk can provide you with full instructions how and what type of agents to add.

2. Landscaping
Landscaping can 2_270x191involve everything from planting your favourite greenery to building container flower beds. If you are not experienced in gardening you may turn to an expert for advice. Even if you are a gardening enthusiast, with such a large choice of greenery and soil out there, you may feel overwhelmed at some point. For the small-scale tasks such as weeding, mowing and mulching, you can rely on your own skills.  Plus you don’t need any specific yard tools. For chores such as pruning trees, you should get a reputable and experienced company to do it for you.

3. Install a Patio
Patio and decking 3_270x188are great additions to the outdoor space. They can serve as a great dining or BBQ area. This home improvement project requires certain knowledge and specific tools. If you don’t have any experience, it’s better to hire handyman services. The same goes for installing sheds and greenhouses.

4. Repair The Gutters
Gutter repairs and cleaning is necessary for keeping wastewater, leaves and other debris from weighing down the roof. It’s important to patch and seal any holes and leaky joints. Although, it is relatively easy to do yourself, this 4_270x180project imposes certain risk of injuries from falls. On the other hand, gutter experts have the equipment to efficiently remove the dirt. In this case it’s better to call the pros.

5. Updating the Fence
If your fence looks a little bit worn out, then it needs a quick upgrade. A coat or two of paint will do the job. The colour will add an exciting element to your exterior. You don’t necessarily need a handyman for this task. Just pick a colour that it’s not obtrusive and fits the overall outdoor space. If painting seems to extreme, you can consider applying wood varnish. Another option is to re-paint your front door. This is a quick and simple way to transform the exterior look of your home. Plus, this home improvement task is inexpensive and easy to tackle.

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