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Do You Need a New Toilet?

30 January 2018

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Although some small toilet repairs can be carried out by yourself at home, others may need plumbing professionals to take a look at the problem. Blocked drains, loose flushing handle and cracked toilet seats can all be repaired yourself without the need of plumbers. However, sometimes it’s time to call it a day and conclude that you need a whole new toilet. There are several reasons why you may come to this conclusion. Here are some ways you can tell your toilet is beyond simple repair or the attention of plumbing services.

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Perpetual clogging

Clogged drains can be unpleasant but easily fixed if they’re not too far down the pipe. Often, a plunger or coathanger with a bend hooked at the end is enough to dislodge the blockage and your toilet will usually be restored to full working order in no time. However, if the water in the toilet is draining slowly, despite there being no obvious clog, there may be an issue further down the piping. If this is the case, call your local residential plumbing services to assess the issue. Though, be prepared to potentially have to buy a new toilet.

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Too many repairs

It always seems as if everything goes wrong at once, especially with old toilets. The toilet seat may have a crack in it, the flusher might be loose or not working at all, or your cistern may not be filling properly after you do flush, and your makeshift at-home repairs aren’t working long-term. If there are simply too many repairs to make, it may be time to buy a new toilet, which could actually save you money in the long run, as you won’t have to spend time and money on new bits and pieces, or plumbers.

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Cracks and chips

The odd chips or scratch to the porcelain isn’t the end of the world and isn’t worth buying a whole new toilet over, although it does become a bit more difficult to clean and potentially unhygienic as germs can get trapped in the gaps. If the chips are on the outside of the toilet bowl, there’s no need to worry unless you’re worried about the outer aesthetics of your toilet.
If you have the equipment to seal and coat it at home, you can do it yourself, or you can call plumbing services to take care of the cosmetic problem. However, if the porcelain is cracked or severely damaged, you’ll need to replace the whole toilet. A small, hairline crack, especially to the bowl or tank, can very quickly grow bigger and more serious with the considerable weight of water on top of it. Cracks can then begin to leak, which is not only unsanitary, it can render the toilet useless. If you spot a crack in your toilet, it’s sensible to get a new toilet as soon as possible.

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Old toilet

If you’ve had your current toilet system for more than ten years, regardless of whether it’s in full working order or not, you should consider buying a new one. Older toilets tend to use more water when they flush, costing you more money and wasting water. Therefore, replacing it could save you money in the long run. In addition, your older toilet may have a circular bowl, while newer ones have a more elongated one. The newer ones are more comfortable and more toilet seats are now made to fit them.

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