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DIY Home Projects that Will Help You Save Energy

29 September 2016

DIY home renovation

Do you think your home needs to be more energy efficient before the winter comes around? If that is the case you won’t have to worry about it at all. You won’t have to spend too much to make some significant energy improvements. Let’s point out a few DIY ways you can do it, from simple electrical repairs to other types of insulation work, you will have what you need done quickly:

• Lowering the temperature

The default temperatures of most water heater manufacturers are set in factory settings, but you can lower it even more for a significant energy savings initiative. You can save up quite a bit not only on your water, but you can also slow the mineral build-up and corrosion inside your pipes too. This will make for easier plumbing and home repairs further down the line.

lower the temperature

• Installing a programmable thermostat

This is one simple project you can do at any time within your home if you want to make it more energy efficient. A thermostat will make it easier for you to set up whatever temperature your home or flat needs at any given time. You can set it to power off before you leave for work, then it can turn itself back on about an hour or so before you get home. This will lower your energy bill significantly and you will not have to worry about being at home at all. Unsurprisingly that can lower your bill by a significant portion. As long as you have picked a model that is compatible with your home, the handymen will have no issues with installation. Make sure you remember to turn off the power if you work alone on installing this type of system.

handyman services

• Caulking potential air leaks

In winter time, air leaks can not only bleed cold air inside your home, but will also cause your heating system to work harder to compensate. This naturally leads to higher energy bills, so before you can relax and call it a day you should know that the same problem happens during summertime, but in reverse. Caulk around your windows if you don’t have the money or time to install new windows or insulation. This should help mitigate the issue a good deal without forcing the need to hire handymen for the job.  Buy a caulk gun and caulk from your local store and remove any old caulk you may have with a knife or a screwdriver. Make some test squeezes on a piece of paper to see how it flows and then hold it at a 45 degree angle, moving the gun while you squeeze the caulk out in a flowing motion. You may need to help it along the corners with a knife or a spoon. Use a damp cloth to clean up any messes on the window sills and you’re done.

window caulking

• Closing the vents

Superspies are not the only thing sneaking into and out of a vent, wasted energy works just like they do – quietly and without being felt until you notice the damage. Closing the heating or cooling vents in guest rooms and other locations with a central air conditioning will help lower your bills. The same goes for rooms with separate heating or air conditioning. Compartmentalize and isolate rooms you’re not using to lower the energy bill. There is no need to do anything requiring a handyman.

home repairs

By taking some time to work on tackling these issues you will finally reach the goal of an energy efficient flat or home, saving money in the process as well. You can do all these touch-ups yourself with a bit of effort, but if you are not certain you can manage, just contact your local handyman service.

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