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20 Awesome Basement Ideas - On A Budget

18 August 2016

basement clearance

Get it sorted

1. Clean out – cleaning out the basement is definitely the cheapest step. All it takes is a bit of your time, and some elbow grease and your basement can be clear of junk before you know it. 

2. Cover up – if you don’t have time or money to do a full on paint/paper job, then the next best thing is to simply cover it up. Buy or used some old bed sheets with a design you like and pin them up on the walls, it will also help your room feel warmer.

3. Light it up –If you’ve got one main light that might be enough, but if you want a bit extra, fairy lights or candles are a great way to brighten up a room at a bargain price.

install mosaic

4. Floor it – you can often get bargain rugs from second hand shops, market stalls and discount retailers.

5. Mosaic – all you need to do is smash up some old crockery and voila, instant mosaic materials.

What to do with it

6. Make it a games room – send games consoles and board games down into the basement and create a super awesome games room, for free using what you already have. games room

7. Get fit – for your own private gym you don’t even need any equipment if you don’t want. Simply use the extra space for sit ups, jumping jacks and the like and you’ll be fit in no time.

8. Music studio – someone in the family a budding Jimi Hendrix? Get them in the basement, soundproof it with egg cartons and let them rock – everyone’s happy.

9. Study it – pop a desk and some books down there = instant study

10. Enjoy the silence – instead of using it for something, use it for nothing. Put a comfy sofa or chair down there, and simply sit and relax

11. Rock out – If you love listening to music, put a music device in the basement and have your own private party room.

basement bar

12. Basement bar –with a few cheap steps, your basement can become your private bar and rest room.

13. Hobby craft – if you’ve got a hobby that’s taking over the house, move it down into the basement. Odds are you’ve got most of what you need, so it’ll be cheap as chips to set up.

14. Dance studio –won’t appeal to everyone, but if you love to dance, stick up a few mirrors, maybe install a grab rail, and dance to your heart’s content

15. Rent it out – this one will actually make you money – if you’ve got a decent sized basement, spruce it up and rent it out, you’ll be easy it is to do.

16. Split up the family – maybe renting it out doesn’t appeal, but the basement could still make a brilliant bedroom for one of the family. Plus you’ll probably already have all the furniture.

extra bedroom

17. Make it the chores room – install the washing machine, tumble dryer and a washing line, and it can be the official washing room.

18. Become a farm – if you’ve always wanted pets but didn’t have room, turn your basement into a pet room. Just make sure your animals have all the necessary provisions.

19. Make it a messy room – clear it out, leave some crafty bits in there and let your kids run wild. See how they choose to decorate a room when you don’t watch, it will be interesting at least.

20. Use it as storage – this is the one most people opt for, but only do it as a last resort as basements really can have other, awesome uses.

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