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Key Information about Manor House

Manor House is in the North East of London and is partly within the London Boroughs of Hackney and Haringey. It was built up in the mid nineteenth century as part of Brownswood Park, and even though it doesn’t have a town centre of its own, Manor House is large enough and distant enough from other towns to be considered a town in its own right. Manor House takes its name from the nearby Manor House tube station, though due to the recent regeneration of the Woodberry Down Estate, nowadays it often goes by its old name “Woodberry Down”. In either case, it is bordered by Finsbury Park to the west and the New River (which borders it on multiple sides).

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Handyman Handy is a handyman company based locally to Manor House and we specialise in accessible and affordable handyman services. Our phone number is 020 8434 7477, and all you have to do is call and we’ll handle the rest. All of our staff are skilled professionals, and have the training to handle all of the property maintenance tasks with ease. Their flexible skill sets make all manner of jobs a breeze so don’t delay – call us now and take advantage of our cost-effective service across N4 area!

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Home maintenance can be a real pain, and considering how important it is to get them done properly it makes sense to hire the professionals. We go the extra mile here, providing high quality handyman help in Manor House that range from small odd jobs to crucial home repairs. Our handyman professionals in N4 will handle the important electrical work, joinery and carpentry and they’ll do so for cheap! We understand the importance of a job well done, so call us today on 020 8434 7477 and let us get to work!

Why Are Our Handyman Team The Ones To Hire across N4 Area?

The staff in our employ are some of the finest in Manor House N4 and comprise of fully vetted professionals with all of the relevant training as well as years of experience. So basically, you can rely on our handyman experts to get the job done, regardless of what said ‘job’ is. In addition to being the highest quality service of our type in the area, we’re also among the greenest. Our handyman services won’t contribute to your carbon footprint because we take all of the necessary steps. Our equipment is efficient, and so is our staff’s work ethic!

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Our company has been up and running in Manor House, N4 for a while now, and our services have only gotten better in that time. We’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the handyman service business sector, and have used it to make our services the finest in London. Our services are available to both home owners and business runners alike, and are some of the best value around! The jobs that we handle run the gamut of tasks – from basic odd jobs to important property repairs and maintenance tasks in N4 area and beyond. So if you want to save money on tasks like these, dial 020 8434 7477 and hire Handyman Handy! Get a free quote now!

Arrived to Manor House prompt and ready to get started. The handyman team of Handyman Handy was courteous and handled the toilet installation without batting an eye. Fair prices and friendly service is what you get here.
Stephen B.
This was a fluke, I needed some painting and plastering done in N4, just popped up the web page and did a search. Golden! These handymen from Handyman Handy know their stuff. Quite pleased.
Morty S.
I was in need of a good carpenter and was recommended these guys. Their carpentry services are indeed incredible, the best in Manor House N4 in fact!
There are some truly brilliant handymen on their staff in N4. They are so precise, there's never any mess left behind, and they get the job done so fast. Truly brilliant.
Jeffrey Marshall
Handyman Handy offers dependable and very efficient carpentry services in Manor House. They have a quality guarantee.
Howard C.
I hate doing odd jobs so I'm delighted to have found a reliable service in Manor House that doesn't cost the earth.
Petro Rufus

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