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Information about Westminster Area

Being set in the dead centre of London, and within the City of Westminster, Westminster itself is one of the most interesting areas in the entire world. Made up of the principle postcodes of SW1 and W1, there really is all sorts to be found within. Westminster is home to such incredible landmarks as the Palace of Westminster, which is so famous it can be found on many local souvenirs! Similarly, Westminster Abbey has been attracting people from all over for its wonderful architecture and stunning craftsmanship. One of its most prestigious attractions is the national treasure of Buckingham Palace, symbol of the Queen of England and the entire Royal family as a result!

Get the Home of Your Dreams with Our Handyman in Westminster, SW1

By hiring our handyman experts in Westminster, you’re entering into a whole new world of comfort and freedom that you probably didn’t have access to before. Just imagine not having to run around the house in overdrive taking care of every last chore individually. With Handyman Handy, that can very quickly become a reality as you see your repair jobs taken care of by trained teams who know just how to do the best job. Our affordable prices make hiring our handyman company a dream, even if it’s your first time seeking outside help in SW1 area! We take a lot of care to guide our customers to the best possible handyman solution, so join our satisfied clients by calling up 020 8434 7477!

What’s On Offer to Our Handyman Patrons around SW1 District?

Covering the entirety of Westminster, we’re able to pick up the slack on absolutely anything around the home that might need attention. Home maintenance throughout SW1 area is made easy with us, and we’ll even do the best professional job of your domestic painting. Get us in for those niggling electrical repairs too, which you’re far better off leaving too the experts as it’s often dangerous work! We’ll even attend to your furniture assembly, and with these few short examples we hope you come to see how encompassing and helpful our work really is! Don’t let the avalanche of domestic tasks get you down and instead feel the amazing benefit of what we can do!

Kick Your Property in SW1 Region Into Overdrive!

We truly represent the best value in commercially available handyman service in Westminster and across SW1 area. No longer does expert help have to be something only the wealthy can enjoy. By using us, you put yourself on a fast track to home repairs done right at budget prices. Not only are our charges right, but our handymen themselves are even better. They’ll look after absolutely anything you need them to, and not only will you see the results in your home but you’ll feel them throughout your life too! The added freedoms may take you by surprise, but a more flexible life is yours for the taking! Get all the information you need by calling 020 8434 7477!

Enter Into a New Age of Your Domestic Property in Westminster, SW1

Let us really bring you into the 21st century with professional handyman service that have always made us special. Now, anybody can afford what we offer at Handyman Handy so why spend another minute of your life on time-consuming and stressful chores? Instead, have your odd jobs sorted by our teams of handyman experts, who can tackle anything in a matter of minutes. You might not have thought you could afford handyman jobs, but we always put a lot of effort in to prove that assumption dead wrong. All over Westminster, SW1 homes are feeling our advantages, and you can join them by having a no obligation required chat through 020 8434 7477!

I am the manager for a group of residential properties in Westminster. As I'm required to keep the place tidy and in good working order, I use this service for all my home repair or odd jobs. They are efficient and always clean up after themselves. Highly recommend.
Cecilia S.
Leaky pipes lead to mould growth. Handyman Handy removed and replaced the areas with contaminated moulds. Basements can get musty this time of year so I hired their Westminster handyman service.
Reginald Beavers
This is the greatest handyman service you can find in Westminster SW1. There isn't a job they can't do.
Ellie R.
I can't fathom what I would've done if Handyman Handy hadn't had been available in Westminster. Thankfully they were and I got all my jobs sorted due to the brilliant handyman service.
Lorna K.
I called Handyman Handy when I needed to do some home maintenance work when I had a broken leg in Westminster. They cleaned my gutters, fixed some door hinges that I had meant to get around to and readjusted the bathroom mirror. Will call again.
S. Hatton
I am so useless at home repairs so I needed a trustworthy DIY team to help me out from time to time, and these guys are the best I found in Westminster. They're even helping me learn some DIY myself, which is amazing. I still call them in for everything though.
Kristen Swanson

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