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Berrylands – It Has Something for Everybody!

Within close vicinity of Surbiton, Kingston, New Malden, Old Malden and Tolworth, Berrylands is one of the best situated areas in London. It is no surprise that the area is popular with students and families alike. Not to mention the fact that Chessington World of Adventures, with its famous rollercoasters and rides, is a mere bus journey away. The temptation to live in Berrylands is understandable, and for those lucky enough to live here, there is a lot to see and do! Also popular with those who commute to London, due to the vast choice of transport links, the area is perfectly situated for travel into town while living in a peaceful, tranquil and stunning place.

The Perfect Solution for All Handyman Jobs in Berrylands, KT5

Handyman Handy have been providing the absolute best service in Berrylands for more years than we would care to admit at this point. Our dedicated, hardworking and highly skilled handyman team is known throughout KT5 for the quality of their work and the cost effectiveness of our service. Whatever your need, we have you covered. We supply all manners of handyman services, always with the best value for money in the area. We are a trusted handyman company, recommended by many, and we are proud of the reputation we have gained. We continue to strive for perfection, always trying to beat ourselves for quality as we have left any competition far behind us. Call us today on 020 8434 7477 for a free estimate.

No Slogans, No Gimmicks, Just Great Service and Value throughout KT5 District!

In a highly competitive market, many people rely on cheap gimmicks and catchy slogans to gain attention for their service. We have a different philosophy, we focus on you. We know that if we provide the best service, the best value for money and give you exactly what you want and expect from every handyman job, then you will keep coming back and keep recommending us to your friends and family in Berrylands, KT5. We love our town, and we love our customers, and we want you to love our handyman service. We see no benefit or doing a lacklustre job, we would take no pride in it. We are passionate about the work we do and we work hard to ensure that we always do the best possible work we can, no matter how large or small the job is. Call us on 020 8434 7477 today and let us help you with your odd jobs too.

We are Proud of What We Do

Our handyman team pride themselves on doing the best job in town. We approach every job with the care, precision and attention to detail that we would if we were working on our own house. We take pride in our work, and we want you to be able to take pride in the finished result. Anyone can have a go at DIY, and most people do, but nobody else can provide the quality, speed and efficiency offered by Handyman Handy. We are proud of our reputation in Berrylands, KT5 and our place at the top, and we have no intention of letting either go. No matter if it is carpentry and joinery, electrical work, plumbing repairs or even furniture assembly you need help with, we are the team to turn to.

Quick and Easy Service in Berrylands and around KT5 Region

Call us now on 020 8434 7477 and our handyman expert will be on your doorstep before you know it. We are busy, we always have a lot of work on, which is a perk of being known for being the best in the KT5 area. But this doesn’t mean that we are ever too busy for our customers. We can work to your own pace, or we can be there in no time in case of emergency. Whatever you want from us, let us know, and we will provide it.

This is one Berrylands service that helped me with my kitchen refurbishment when I needed some extra hands on deck, thank you so much.
Nick P.
Sales team and customer service were very nice, as were the workers. Handyman Handy performs the best home maintenance work in Berrylands for the price.
Randall Cummings
Not a DIY'er, so called on Handyman Handy in Berrylands to handle the odd jobs. Prices were good. Recommend.
Wilson P.
When I need a bathroom renovation done in Berrylands KT5, I call Handyman Handy. They are so knowledgeable and always have the most up to date materials to choose from. They are absolutely wonderful!
Timmy M.
This handyman in Berrylands has the patience, skill, and tools to do miraculous things around your home. All I can say is wow!
C. Klein
I had never heard much about handyman services, and was a bit skeptical at first. But then I moved to Berrylands and was amazed at the level of skill and quality of work that most handymen possessed. By far the best time I've had doing a kitchen refurbishment.
Glenda K.
I completely believe in Handyman Handy and the fact that they are indeed the best handyman company in KT5 without a doubt. My family has been using them for a while now and I won't bother with anyone else.

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