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Belmont – a Peculiar Whim Turned into History

Belmont is named after the mound built by Henry James Brydges – Earl of Carnarvon and first Duke of Chandos in the 18th Century. He built it so he could sit in the summer house he built on top of the mound and enjoy the spectacular views of the Harrow borough. The views can still be enjoyed from the mound today, all that has changed is that the mound is now the Stanmore Golf Course. Belmont doesn’t revolve around the mound, or mount, depending on your preference, anymore. The centrepiece of the town now is the Belmont Circle. Whether clubbing, drinking or going out for good food with your partner or family, the Circle has everything you want.

The Best Handyman Services in Belmont, HA3

When it comes to handymen in Belmont, your options may seem endless, but in truth Handyman Handy is your only option. We have been providing top quality service to people all over the HA3 and HA7 areas for over a decade and we have maintained our spot as the best in the business. Our reputation matters to us, and we know it matters to you too. We work tirelessly to provide the best possible service. From the loose tiling in your downstairs bathroom, to the loose tiling on your roof, we can help with odd jobs in any and every part of your house. Call us today on 020 8434 7477 and find out why we are the number one team for handyman assistance in the local area.

Not to be Matched

We are loyal to Belmont area. It is a passion of ours to make sure that all the citizens of this sublime area are getting the best quality handyman team. To ensure this, we provide only the absolute best in the business. We have carpenters who could challenge Noah, plumbers who could shock Moses, and electricians who make Thor’s talents look basic. We have fixed roofing in HA3 and we’ve installed electrics in HA7, and we have always had the best feedback from our customers. We are proud of the quality we provide and we work hard to make sure this is sustained. Call us on 020 8434 7477 now for more info.

We Always Have Time for You in Belmont, HA3

We are constantly in demand, and we know how much this says for us as a business. But we always make sure we have time for our customers, new and old. It is our philosophy that however busy we are, we will never say no to a job and we will never leave a customer waiting. We offer skilled handymen with years of experience and the best value for odd jobs in the HA3 area. On top of this we also offer a speedy service anywhere in Belmont, a friendly smile, and a guarantee that you, the customer, will always be of the upmost importance to us. We function without ego, it is not about us and we know that. We go out of our way to make sure all of our customers get exactly what they want with every handyman job and that’s why people keep coming back to us, time and time again.

Call Us Today

Whatever your job in Belmont, HA3 large or small, short term or long term, in house, garden or office, we will handle it for you. We know how stressful those unfinished odd jobs can be, and we want to take the stress away from you. Call Handyman Handy on 020 8434 7477 for a free estimate today, and then all you need to do is relax, and maybe put the kettle on.

This Belmont service is great if you are looking for top home repairs because they always deliver quality.
Harry K.
Very satisfied with Handyman Handy. Workers were nice, efficient and tidied up afterward. Will use them for kitchen renovation in Belmont in next season.
Kay Brumfeld
Once they arrived to Belmont, they noticed I also had a problem with my leaking faucet. To my surprise, they not only did the contracted bathroom tiling work to perfection, but also handled the faucet for free! I liked that very much, Handyman Handy.
Wanda N.
Handyman Handy just finished up an amazing bathroom renovation for me. The work was done quickly and the end result was beautiful. So happy they came out to my home in Belmont HA3.
Mitchell V.
If you live in Belmont, you should inquire about their prices them for a price quote. They are in business to save you money if you need home improvement service.
T. Brady
My company just opened a small office in Belmont. It's a small business so not a big budget for renovations and improvements, but we did find a plethora of handyman services. We hired an expert in carpentry services and were very pleased with the results. We may even hire as an in-house maintenance man.
D. Waters
I didn't know how we'd ever finish our home renovation in HA3 until we contacted Handyman Handy and were shown what an actual good company could accomplish. We're very happy with the results!
Bob M.

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